Content Management System



Theme packages contains only html, javascript and css code.

Package descriptor file arikaim-package.json

    "version": "{ Version }",
    "name": "{ Theme name }",
    "title": "{ Theme display name }",
    "package-type": "template",
    "repository": "{ Git Repository Url }",
    "help": "{ Help page url }",
    "description": "{ Description text }",
    "icon": "{ Control panel css icon class }",
    "include": {            
        "css": [
            { Css files list. }
        "js": [
            { Js files list }
        "library": [
            { Ui library list. }
    "routes": [
        { Routes list }
Property Type Description
version string required Package version.
name string required Package name.
title string optional Package display name.
package-type string required Package type.
repository string optional Git repository url.
help string optional Help page url.
description string optional Package description text.
icon string optional Short description text.
include/css string optional Include css files.
include/js string optional Include js files.
include/library string optional Include library files.
routes array optional Routes list array.

Folder structure

Theme folder

Html components root folder.
Html pages root folder.
Css files.
Javascript files.
Images and other theme assests.