Content Management System


Each page in Arikaim CMS is html component with one or more files:

For example if we have page with name products in theme blog

Page html template code file.
Javascript code.
Page properties file.
Page options file (optional).


Same file pattern as html components are used for translation strings.

{page name}-{laguage code}.json

Page options

Json file page.json

    "include": {
        "js": [
            { Javascript File names }
        "css": [
            { Css file names }
        "components": [
            { Html components }
        "template": [
            { Themes list }
        "library": [
            { Ui libraries list }
    "access": {
        "auth": "{ Authentication name }",
        "permission": "{ Permission name }"
    "head": {
        { Head metatags }
Property Type Description
include/js array optional Include javascript file(s).
include/css array optional Include css file(s).
include/components array optional Include html component(s) files.
include/template array optional Merge theme imclude options with page.
include/library array optional Include UI library files.
head array optional Head metatargs.
access/auth string optional Authentication name.
access/permission string optional Permission name.