Content Management System

Ui library

UI library is easy way to load css and javascript files in page.

UI library package descriptor file arikaim-package.json

    "version": "{ Version }",
    "name": "{ Library name }",
    "title": "{ Library display name }",
    "package-type": "library",
    "repository": "{ Git Repository Url }",
    "help": "{ Help page url }",
    "description": "{ Description text }",
    "files": [
        { css or js files }
Property Type Description
version string required Package version.
name string required Package name.
title string optional Package display name.
package-type string required Package type.
repository string optional Git repository url.
help string optional Help page url.
description string optional Package description text.
files array required List with js and css files which are included in page.